official languages of ISO / IEC (CIE)

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Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 17:13:21 CST

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              Elaine Keown

    Dear List,

    Thanks for the answers about font designers. They
    were all very interesting.

    At the U.N. and in some countries, they have 'official
    languages.' The U.N. has 5, I think. Singapore has 4,
    several African countries have 2-3, and so forth.

    Does either the ISO or the IEC have official
    languages? Whether official or not, is French the
    'second language' of the standards world?

    And also, is there a bilingual or trilingual standards

    A glossary is a small-ish dictionary, frequently
    focused on a narrow topic.

    I'm about to translate something into technical
    French.....I still didn't purchase a technical French
    dictionary because the ones I've seen didn't have
    enough computer terminology.

    Thanks Elaine

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