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From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 08:23:49 CST

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    I had written,
    > The only limits are in capabilities of the browser your audience
    > is using (e. g. it may not be able to process RTL text), and in
    > the fonts available to said browser.
    > - In your HTML source, use only characters from the WGL4,
    > cf. <>;
    > in your style sheet, ask for modern, WGL4-conforming fonts,
    > cf. <>.

    Peter Kirk has written:
    > This is not very helpful advice if you are wanting to put up a page in
    > Hebrew (as Elaine explicitly is)

    The original poster had mentioned a lot of languages, and for a moment,
    I had forgotten about Hebrew being among them, so this advice (which I
    have to give all too often, together with my other points) slipped in,
    inadvertently. Of course, this advice is only valid for the text parts
    written in European languages (which comprise the major part of the
    list in the original poster); of course it does not apply to the Hebrew
    column in Elaine's glossary. The URL for Hebrew fonts is

    Peter Kirk has als rushed into the following conclusion:
    > In fact, what you seem to be saying is, only use European
    > languages, and expect the rest of the world to learn them.
    > Not quite the attitude which Unicode is intended to promote.

    In fact, Peter is grossly misinterprating my statement and
    he is imputing to me an attitude I do not maintain, and never

    Back to the gist of my advice for Elaine: It does not help much
    to simply "add the proper Unicode-related HTML code at the top";
    rather, you have to make sure that your HTML code is encoded properly,
    and that the reader's browser will know about its encoding.

    Best wishes,
       Otto Stolz

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