Unicode Support For Netware

From: Kumar, Aditya (Aditya.Kumar2@ca.com)
Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 07:07:41 CST

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    Hi Everybody,


    I recently joined the UNICODE mailing list.


    I have some queries regarding UNICODE support for Netware. I hope
    someone will clarify my doubts.


    I want to know that whether Netware supports Unicode? If yes then what
    versions of Netware support and to what extent i.e. is the support full
    or partial?

    Can Netware OS open files named in other languages like Japanese? What
    format is support on Netware (UTF8,UTF16 etc)? Like on the windows
    internally all the MBCS strings are converted into DBCS, so what happens
    on Netware?


    And where can we get more information about this?


    It will be great if someone help me in this.



    Aditya Kumar

    Software Engineer

    Compute Associates







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