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Date: Tue Nov 23 2004 - 00:26:19 CST

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    > > > A better CSS class would additionally specify the font-family,
    > > > for example, something like the SIL Ezra font
    > > >


    > Are you saying the difference in names is "SIL Ezra" vs. "Ezra SIL" ?
    > That's too confusing!
    > When I gave the URL, I checked that it was referring
    > to an "OpenType" font --and since it was OpenType, I assumed that it
    > the
    > newer version with a Unicode CMAP. If SIL still has links to legacy
    > Unicode
    > versions of fonts which now also have Unicode versions, then they
    > make
    > this really clear to people. My apologies if I provided the wrong

    Your URL was to the Unicode-encoded OpenType font. The pages for that
    font (Ezra SIL) and the legacy-encoded font (SIL Ezra) very clearly
    indicate which is which.

    Peter Constable

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