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Date: Mon Nov 22 2004 - 18:06:51 CST

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    On 22/11/2004 22:29, Christopher Fynn wrote:

    > ...
    > It doesn't really make it "less of a hack" since Windows just maps the
    > glyphs encoded from from F020 to F0FF in the cmap of "Windows Symbol"
    > fonts to characters x20-xFF in the Windows code page for your locale
    > (normally "Windows ANSI" if you are in the US or UK). You still type
    > in non PUA characters, and those non PUA characters are what gets
    > stored in your files - *not* PUA characters.
    > - Chris
    Chris, this may be true for those of who are still using pre-Unicode
    applications and code pages. But for those of us using Unicode
    applications on Unicode-based OSs it is the PUA characters which are
    stored. This point caused no end of problems when Word 97 was
    introduced, and documents such as legacy Hebrew were converted to the
    new format either according to the code page or into the PUA symbol area
    according to certain details in the font which at that time few of us
    understood. But in the past 7 years we have come to work mostly with
    Unicode applications and so have almost forgotten about such pains.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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