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Date: Wed Nov 24 2004 - 17:34:18 CST

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    There have been a number of updates to Public Review Issues on the Unicode
    web site.

    The comment periods for Public Review Issues 51, 53, 54, and 56 have been
    extended to January 31, 2005. During the review period, new drafts may be
    issued, and if so, they will be announced at the time.


    51 Proposed Update UAX #29 Text Boundaries
    53 Proposed Draft UTR #33 Unicode Conformance Model
    54 Proposed Update UTS #22 Character Mapping Markup Language
    56 Proposed Update UAX #14 Line Breaking Properties

    The following Public Review Issues have been closed, and their resolutions
    posted on the Resolved Issues page.


    36 Draft Unicode Technical Report #30 Character Foldings
    39 Draft Unicode Technical Standard #31 Identifier and Pattern Syntax
    40 Encoding of Latin Capital and Small Letter "At"
    41 Encoding of INVISIBLE LETTER
    42 Proposed Draft UAX #34 Unicode Named Character Sequences
    43 Proposed Update UAX #24 Script Names
    44 Bidi Category of Fullwidth Solidus
    45 Bidi Category of Narrow No-Break Space
    46 Proposal for Encoded Representations of Meteg
    47 Changes to default collation of Latin in UCA
    48 Definition of "Directional Run"
    49 Proposed Update UTS #6 A Standard Compression Scheme for Unicode
    50 Proposed Update UTS #18 Unicode Regular Expressions
    52 Proposed Draft UTR #36 Security Considerations
    55 Proposed Change to Character Properties for Two Katakana Characters

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