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Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 10:58:06 CST

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    I had written:
    > Note that there is no algorithm to reliably derive the position of the
    > syllable break from the spelling of a Word. You could even concoct pairs
    > of homographs that differ only in the position of the syllable break
    > (and, consequently, in their respective meaning). So far, I have only
    > found the somewhat silly example
    > - "Brief"+SYH+"lasche" (letter flap) vs.
    > - "Brie"+SYH+"flasche" (bottle to keep Brie cheese in),
    > but I am sure I could find better examples if I would try in earnest.

    Peter Kirk schrieb:
    > Before our French members get upset at the idea that anyone might keep
    > their famous cheese in bottles, let me remind the list of a similar pair
    > we had before, although this affects only the less common st ligature:

    Just because the „st“ ligature is so uncommon (and the long „ſ“ with its
    „ſt“ ligature is almost extinct), I was looking for an example involving
    „fl“, or „fi“).

    > Wachs-tube (growth tube)
                  (wax tube)

    Best wishes,
        Otto Stolz

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