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From: Peter R. Mueller-Roemer (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 06:10:57 CST

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    I found some serious faults (with the implementation of short sequences
    of combining diacritical marks, Greek and Hebrew with their accents and
    points) with Arial Unicode MS version 1.00 (C) ...- 2000.
    I would like to test the newest version of this and other fonts, but am
    reading that MS is not allowing / providing download of this font any

    1. Which is the currently most up-to-date version, and where can I find it.

    2. If the newest version can only be had by buying new Office-products,
    than the label 'OpenFont' is not deserved.

    3. Any experience with junicode, it claims compliance with unicode 4.0.
    Does it cover the range 0000 - ffff of Unicode or at least combining
    diacritical marks, Greek and Hebrew) ?


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