RE: OpenType vs TrueType (was current version of unicode-font)

From: Tom Gewecke (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 14:57:13 CST

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    Christi wrote:

    >I for sure was confused some time ago, because the true .otf font files
    >have the same icon.

    Another dimension of confusion is that .otf doesn't necessarily say
    anything about what, if any, sort of opentype layout capabilities might be
    present in a font. It just means it uses PostScript font outlines. A font
    with the extension .ttf (which means it uses TrueType font outlines) can
    also have many or no opentype layout capabilities.

    For example, the font Doulos SIL Regular.ttf has layout tables for OpenType
    (Windows), AAT (Mac), and Graphite (for SIL WorldPad).

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