Re: OpenType vs TrueType (was current version of unicode-font)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 16:43:54 CST

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    Subject: RE: OpenType vs TrueType (was current version of unicode-font)

    > Hi Antoine, others,
    > Questions about OpenType vs TrueType come up often in my work, so perhaps
    > the list will suffer a couple of questions in that regard.
    > First, I see an "O" icon, not an "OT" icon in Windows' "Fonts folder" for
    > some fonts and a "TT" icon for others. Nothing looks like "OT" to me, so
    > are we talking about the same thing?

    See OpenType is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation
    (bottom of page)
    The handdrawn-like "O" is a logo used by Microsoft as the icon representing
    OpenType fonts.

    However the OpenType web site is apparently fixed only to this presentation
    page, with a single link to MonoType Corporation, not to the previous
    documentation hosted by Microsoft.

    Is Microsoft stopping supporting OpenType, and about to sell the technology
    to the MonoType font foundry?

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