Re: OpenType vs TrueType (was current version of unicode-font)

From: James Kass (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 21:35:38 CST

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    Peter Constable wrote,

    > > Code2000 does not contain Tibetan glyphs. But, Code2000 *is*
    > > an OpenType font and has *many* OpenType tables in it
    > It has exactly 3 OpenType-specific tables in it -- in the sense of the
    > top-level tables that are listed in the table directory. Is that many?

    Technically speaking, Code2000 has many OpenType sub-tables in it.

    If you look at the listing for Code2000 under the "Features" tag of the
    Microsoft Font Properties tool, which Christopher Fynn mentioned,...

    > If you want to be able to find out more useful information about Windows
    > fonts use Microsoft's Font Properties Extension:
    > <>

    ... you'll see that I enumerate OpenType tables in much the same fashion
    as that tool.

    The Font Properties Extension tool offers much useful information
    about fonts installed on Windows systems. In many cases, this is
    information which the font developer has added to the font in the
    hope that users will be able to read it. But, without the special
    tool, most users would never know...

    > Mind you, the version that I have has a fair number of features and
    > lookups -- 65 in GSUB. (Interesting: they're only Type 1 and Type 4
    > substitutions - nothing contextual!)

    Rudimentary contextual style tables have been added to the
    working version of the font here for Latin. The official release
    of Code2000 is "broken" for certain Latin letter-with-diacritic
    combinations in certain string order. The working version here
    seems to be, uh, working!

    (I'm grateful to Bob Hallissy for pointers on this issue.)

    Now that I've written programs for generating contextual
    substitution tables, it is hoped that support for other scripts
    needing them, like Khmer, can be improved.

    Best regards,

    James Kass

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