Re: No Invisible Character - NBSP at the start of a word

From: Chris Jacobs (
Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 18:54:44 CST

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    > It may appear to your eyes to be an abuse of the orthography, just as to
    > others's eyes the distinct Qamats Qatan which you proposed seems to be
    > an abuse of the orthography. Nevertheless, both these kinds of
    > discrepancies and Qamats Qatan are actually used in a significant number
    > of publications. Indeed the blended Qere/Ketiv forms are in nearly every
    > Hebrew Bible written or printed over more than 1000 years. They may be
    > "abnormal" in some sense, but this is no argument for them not being
    > representable in Unicode.

    I don't believe this!

    Blending qere with ketiv in such a way that you can exacly tell which vowel goes with which consonant, that you distinguish between
    either two vowels below the first consonant or one of the two as a lonely vowel before the word, seems to me an artefact of the
    printing technique.

    Are there copies of written text where this can be checked?

    Copies of more than 1000 years old text would be ideal since that cannot imitate print.

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