Re: proposals I wrote (and also, didn't write)

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 17:58:40 CST

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    From: "E. Keown" <>
    > I wrote 3 Hebrew diacritics proposals between
    > May-July. (...)
    > 1. Proposal to add Samaritan Pointing to the UCS
    > WG2 number: N2748
    > 2. Proposal to add Palestinian Pointing to ISO/IEC 10646
    > 3. Proposal to add Babylonian Pointing to ISO/IEC 10646
    > (...)
    > Other Items Supporting the Pointing Proposals Above:
    > Letter Requesting 'Hebrew Extended' Block (7/2004)
    > The Aramaic and Hebrew Character Sets (June 2004)

    Hello Ellaine,

    In all your searches and in your proposals, di you try to segregate the
    proposed additional characters into two separate categories: those needed
    for inclusion within many modern studies, and those only used in very old
    scripts with many unknown or ambiguous properties?

    I ask you that because not all the Hebrew Extended chracters may need an
    allocation in the BMP (in row U+08xx as suggested), and some may be placed
    in the SMP, in a separate Hebrew-Aramaic-Mandaic Extended block (including
    notably some punctuations signs or old numerals, or other diacritics needed
    for Phoenician and other extinct branches or variants).


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