proposals I wrote (and also, didn't write)

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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 16:41:39 CST

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    I wrote 3 Hebrew diacritics proposals between

    One of them was incorrectly entered in the WG2 online
    listing. It needs the title below, which includes the
    word 'Samaritan.' The WG2 listing completely
    misidentifies the proposal---the title listed has NO
    relationship to my actual title.

    I am still waiting on the font for these, but I think
    part of it might be finished soon.

    Proposal to add Samaritan Pointing to the UCS
    WG2 number: N2748
    Proposal to add Palestinian Pointing to ISO/IEC 10646
    Proposal to add Babylonian Pointing to ISO/IEC 10646

    When these items are added, plus a couple more, then
    we will all be done with diacritics for *Hebrew* in
    Unicode. There are more punctuation symbols, more
    number symbols, more abbreviation symbols.....


    Other Items Supporting the Pointing Proposals Above:

    Letter Requesting ‘Hebrew Extended’ Block (7/2004)

    The Aramaic and Hebrew Character Sets (June 2004)
    NOTE: this is an outdated list....

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