Re: IUC27 Unicode, Cultural Diversity, and Multilingual Computing / Africa is forgotten once again.

From: Azzedine Ait Khelifa (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 08:58:46 CST

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    Thank a lot for the answer,
    It's interesting to have content in french that's right (it's a great joke to have a conference for cultural diversity in english ONLY).
    But IUC27 is oriented (ONLY) eastern europe country, note that : I don't have any problem with eastern europ people, it's nice people with nice cultural background.
    But what we can do to have an IUC28 (twenty eight) "AFRICAN Cultural Diversity, and Multilingual Computing" oriented to increase "AFRICAN MULTILINGAL COMPUTING" ?
    What can we do to have this kind of conference ?

    Lisa Moore <> wrote:You will be interested to know that we are planning to offer a tutorial on
    African languages, which might be conducted in French, at IUC27. We are
    still in the planning stages, so this is subject to change, but stay
    tuned, the program should be final within a week.

    Thank you for your strong interest in the conference!


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