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From: Peter R. Mueller-Roemer (
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 08:57:42 CST

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    >> If I send the html-message e.g. to the IVRIT-group, who's members
    >> work on all kinds of systems, I do not want them to have problems
    >> reading and printing my mail. Any remedy on the horizon?
    > Use plain text e-mail, or HTML e-mail generated by your mail client
    > (including Mozilla, Outlook or Outlook Express). Don't try to paste in
    > HTML from Word.
    > But there is still no guarantee of success, sadly. There are people
    > who resolutely refuse to update their mail systems, and a smaller
    > number who are unable to do so.

    I have the problem of many recipients of my e-mail: In the University's
    Computer Science Department they are very good to have the latest
    Linux-sofware running. The unicode or UTF-8 encoded mail arrives but
    the composed characters are displayed by Mozilla as a sequence of marks
    after the base-character. Even ooffice113.exe on XP generated files,
    carried to the Linux-system, and displayed by ooffice is not
    displaying the same combinations as under XP, printing is much worse.
    I have to find rpm-packages of unicode fonts an the administrators
    promise to install them. But none of them are as complete as Arial
    Unicode MS most have not yet the combining diacritiacals.

    >> I would like to support you on NBSP, request a RtL-space and add some
    >> corrections to the 1st & 2nd Hebrew-block (vowel-points do not
    >> combine with Hebrew-accents under the basic consonants and 2nd-block
    >> complex characters do not combine with accents or vowels!).
    >> The complex Elaine's Samaritan symbols should also be combinable out
    >> of simple base-character and 2 diacritics.
    >> I like the idea of combining our efforts.
    > Agreed. But we need to be sure that problems are with the standard,
    > and not only with certain implementations of it.

    Did you make a formal proposal for NBSP, as Elaine did for Samaritan ?
    I have studied unicode's uniqueness-rules, bidi-algorithm and many
    others and feel almost overwhelmed by finding new types of rules that
    might have a bearing on a particular combining sequence. Is there
    no UTC-place or person to whom one can just describe a practical
    problem and hear if there are any rules that will ensure better
    solutions in the future.

    Some of the answers I got to my questions show that very knowledgeable
    people are in this group, and some of them have similar problems with
    getting any 'official' response.

    I think that Unicode is only crowning, i.e. has not yet been completely
    born, if official communication with the UTC is restricted to

    Peter RM

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