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Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 11:50:47 CST

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    On 13/12/2004 14:57, Peter R. Mueller-Roemer wrote:

    > ...
    > Did you make a formal proposal for NBSP, as Elaine did for Samaritan ?

    The use of NBSP to carry combining marks is nothing to do with me. It
    has been in Unicode from the start, as an alternative to SPACE. Not long
    ago several problems were identified with this usage, and especially
    with SPACE. A proposal was made for an INVISIBLE LETTER to replace these
    functions of SPACE and NBSP. I was not one of the proposers of INVISIBLE
    LETTER, but I did formally support the proposal. However, the UTC, at
    its latest meeting, apparently rejected the INVISIBLE LETTER proposal
    but also deprecated the use of SPACE to carry combining marks, leaving
    NBSP as the only recommended way of doing this. It has also proposed
    some amendments to certain properties (some of them currently on public
    review) to ensure that NBSP with a combining mark has the right breaking
    etc properties.

    > ...
    > I think that Unicode is only crowning, i.e. has not yet been
    > completely born, if official communication with the UTC is restricted
    > to US-ascii-mail.
    Agreed! Unfortunately some Unicode people are using an obsolete program
    called Eudora which does not support Unicode.

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