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Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 15:13:50 CST

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    > This is a design flaw in Unix, or in how it is explained to
    > users. Well, Lars wrote "Basically, you are not supposed to
    > use strcpy to process filenames." I'm not sure if that is his
    > opinion or someone else's, but the only safe way out of this
    > mess is never to process filenames as strings.

            As mentioned by Kenneth, Lars was speaking from the wrong orifice
    when he said that.

            Also, it appears that the term "string" is being used too much and
    without qualification. The entire focus of this thread is on what happens
    when unqualified bytes (filenames) get qualified (by locale), so it would
    behoove us all to qualify all the strings we're talking about. For
    instance, Peter's last clause above bifurcates into:

            "...but the only safe way out of this mess is never to process
    filenames as UTF-8 strings."


            "...but the only safe way out of this mess is always to process
    filenames as opaque C strings."

            which was mentioned early on in this thread, but Lars does not wish
    to do this.

    > This may be called a "trick" but it looks like it could very
    > easily be a security hole. For example, a filename 0x41 0x08
    > 0x42 will be displayed the same as just 0x42, in a Latin-1 or
    > UTF-8 locale. Your friend's trick has become an open door for
    > spoofers.

            Exactly why 0x08 was banned in filenames, as I recall.


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