Simplified Chinese radical set in Unihan

From: Erik Peterson (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 15:19:48 CST

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       I've found many uses for the UniHan data file the past few years.
    It's a great source of information.

       One potential addition that I've wanted is a field listing the
    simplified Chinese radical for at least the simplified Chinese
    characters, like what exists for the Xinhua Zidian ("Xinhua Dictionary")
    and other mainland Chinese dictionaries. I was wondering if this has
    been discussed before?

       Some potential difficulties I could see include the fact that
    mainland dictionaries use a variety of different radical schemes. The
    most standard one that I can find is the Chinese Academy of Social
    Sciences (CASS) set with 189 different radicals. Even for dictionaries
    that use this set the ordering is often different. Could the radical
    set also be proprietary in some way?

       Anyway, I was curious. I've been working on something like this
    myself that I could also contribute when it's farther along.

    Erik Peterson

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