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Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 12:11:44 CST

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    > Can anyone recommend common and/or cross-platform technologies that
    > render Unicode ruby text in ways other than simply enclosing it within
    > trailing parentheses (in other words, technologies that would place it
    > above the annotated text and in a smaller font size, as is typically
    > traditionally)?...

    > Browsers
    > Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and OmniWeb all display Unicode
    > in parentheses. (Internet Explorer does, however, display *HTML* ruby
    > above and smaller.)...

    > Frankly I am disappointed with the results so far...

    I think you've set the wrong expectations. Have you read the description
    and implementation guidelines for the annotation characters in Unicode?

    The annotation characters are used in internal processing when
    out-of-band information is associated with a character stream...

    Usage of the annotation characters in plain text interchange is strongly
    discouraged without prior agreement between the sender and the

    When an output for plain text usage is desired and when the receiver is
    unknown to the sender, these interlinear annotation characters should be
    removed as well as the annotating text included between the INTERLINEAR

    This restriction does not preclude the use of annotation characters in
    plain text interchange, but it requires a prior agreement between the
    sender and the receiver for correct interpretation of the annotations.

    These characters are primarily intended for apps to use in internal
    processing, not for encoding documents.

    > I know custom software can handle ruby any way it wants to, and I am
    > working on such software, but at the same time it is very important
    > operating systems and major software do the right thing here...

    It appears that they are (apart from Web browsers that don't handle HTML

    Peter Constable

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