Re: Simplified Chinese radical set in Unihan

From: Richard Cook (
Date: Sun Dec 19 2004 - 13:18:14 CST

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    On Dec 16, 2004, at 3:20 PM, Tom Emerson wrote:

    > Ah, I don't have my copy of the Comprehensive ABC here at home with me.

    If you have Wenlin, you have it in electronic form. Wenlin does the
    typesetting (and sub-licensing) for ABC, and the ABC data is accessible
    from within the Wenlin app.

    But on the subject of a Simplified Chinese radical set for Unihan:

    Please see the new field kHDZRadBreak coming in the Unihan 4.1 beta.
    This field shows a way to add additional radical info to Unihan. That
    is, for a lexical kSource in Unihan, one can associate kSource mappings
    with radical transitions. The Hanyu Da Zidian radical set is in fact a
    simplification of Kang Xi, though not one using simplified characters.
    When lexical mappings for a good simplified PRC lexicon are included in
    Unihan, a similar table can be built. We've got mapping and pinyin data
    for all of Xiandai Hanyu Cidian, accepted by UTC for inclusion in
    future Unihan. This will hopefully be added to Unihan in the coming
    year (pending final proofing).

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