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Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 14:48:16 CST

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    > Mike Ayers wrote:

    > > Incidentally, what you want to do is, in the general case,
    > > impossible anyway. Look closer and think broader, and it should be
    > > obvious.
    > I am trying to think broad. All the cases. All the scenarios.
    > All the users. Not just those that speak English and never
    > had any need for a letter outside of ASCII. Or those who know
    > enough about computers that have always had a feeling it
    > would be better to stick with ASCII names even though they
    > didn't need to. And that constitutes the majority of people
    > on this mailing list. Including me.

            Maybe you, but don't speak for the rest of the list, please. If you
    can't see it in the broad sense, then look closer. "Makefile" and
    "makefile" are the most common case.

    > And, I don't see what is impossible about it.

            Things that are impossible that I've noticed so far:

            - A metainformation system without holes in it.

            - Addressing files with intermixed locales reliably. In a UTF-8
    and ISO 8859-1 mixed environment, for instance, there is no way to know
    whether <c3> <a9> indicates "" or "é". The Unix locale architecture does
    not permit mixed locales. What you propose is a locale of "ISO 8859-1 or
    UTF-8, your guess is as good as mine".

            - A scheme that translates all possible Unix filenames to unique
    and consistent Windows filenames. Case issues alone kill this.


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