ISO 10646 compliance and EU law

From: E. Keown (
Date: Thu Dec 23 2004 - 16:38:46 CST

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             Elaine Keown
             Vancouver, Canada


    If you reply, please cc: me--I'm always 'on vacation'
    from all lists, and I only read them online. I'm
    looking for a URL for the info below.

    A reliable friend told me that compliance with ISO
    10646 is now part of the legal structure of the EU
    (European Union).

    He thought that it is illegal under certain
    circumstances to sell non-ISO 10646-compliant software
    in the EU.

    That is, if I develop Hebrew/Castilian software which
    uses custom combining classes or other deviations from
    Unicode Hebrew, this software cannot be sold in Spain
    (in EU since 1986).
    ---Thanks for all help, Elaine

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