Re: Kurdish gaf variant

From: Vladimir Ivanov (
Date: Sat Jan 01 2005 - 10:14:18 CST

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    Answering John Hudson's question (see below) Philipp Reichmuth schrieb:

    > Does the Linotype manual say anything about the specific flavour of
    > Kurdish orthography where this glyph appears? IIRC the Iranian Kurdish
    > orthography uses the regular, "Farsi-style" gaf. Your version looks an
    > Arabic-influenced style, probably from Syria or Iraq.

    This kind of GAF with QAF-sign in it (called by Arabs and Afghans Hamza
    though it is distinctly different from it) is not ethnic specific. It is
    typeface specific.
    One of the very popular Persian fonts Zar uses this kind of glyph, while
    others don't.

    Happy New Year,
    Vladimir Ivanov

    > John Hudson schrieb:
    > > I wonder if anyone has any insight on whether this form is still in use,
    > > favoured or not favoured, and whether it might be appropriate for any
    > > languages other than Kurdish?

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