Unicode 4.0 Beta Reminder

From: Rick McGowan (rick@unicode.org)
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 18:42:31 CST

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    This is a reminder on behalf of the Unicode Technical Committee that the
    review period for the Unicode 4.1.0 Beta ends on January 31.

    Since the first beta announcement, many data files have been updated with
    significant changes and additions. These updates include UCD.html and
    Unihan files. In addition, there are also changes and additions to Unicode
    Standard Annexes that form an integral part of 4.1.0, covering
    Bidirectional Text, Normalization, Program Identifiers, Named Character
    Sequences, and others. These are listed on the Technical Reports page:

    The complicated changes and additions in a new version like Unicode 4.1.0
    can have very significant impact on a large percentage of modern software.
    There are now less than 20 days remaining for developers to provide
    feedback on this version!

    Notably missing from the beta data is NamesList.txt. This file will be
    included in the final release, but will not be generated until after the
    final results of the WG2 meeting in China later this month. Also missing
    are three data files for UAX #29.

    If you wish to check data files or provide any feedback for the committee
    on the documentation, you may use our web reporting form to make your

    To make comments or report errors:

    The beta page is here:

    The beta "Version 4.1.0" page is here:

    Note that the Version 4.1.0 page is still under development and in
    editorial review. Beta reviewers should focus on the conformance changes
    documented there.

    Beta Data files are here:

    **IMPORTANT** The beta data files still reflect the state of character
    assignments approved by the UTC and currently under ISO ballot. Some code
    points may yet change as a result of potential decisions to be taken by WG2
    later this month and the UTC in February.

            Rick McGowan
            Unicode, Inc.

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