Tibetan block description and "tsek"

From: Peter Constable (petercon@microsoft.com)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 16:52:51 CST

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    The block description in TUS4 Chapter 9 for Tibetan (p255) says,

    " Tibetan script has two break characters only. The primary break
    character is the standard interword tsek (tsheg), which is encoded at

    The description goes on to explain that the names are misleading, and
    how line-breaking processes should work. What it does *not* further
    clarify is where 0F0B would normally be entered in text.

    The description of Tibetan in Daniels & Bright says (p. 435), "bar
    tsheg... serves to separate syllables..." That differs from the
    paragraph quoted above from TUS4 which suggests that it is used between
    words. Which is correct (or closer to correct)?

    Peter Constable

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