Need help for Arabic text processing

From: Lokesh Joshi (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2005 - 08:19:39 CST

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    Hi All,
     I am very new to this group. I am working on a product which enables
    a user to render bidir text using OTF fonts. Yet i am able to apply
    the OTF rules to the text but some of the arabic text are not
    appearing fine.
     I went thru the Uniscribe text and came to know that it applies some
    of the rules to the unicode text and dcides which feature shld be
    applied to one glyph. I cannot use Uniscribe since we work on
    different platforms that Windows. So can i get help/clue to the
    following queries:
    1. Where are these rules stored and are these a standard. How can i
    know which feature of OTF shld be applied to which glyph.
    2. Are there any open projetcs going on in this direction, which use
    these preprocessing rules plus the OTF layout rules ?

    Contact me @  lokeshjoshi AT gmail/yahoo/hotmail

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