Re: Need help for Arabic text processing

From: Lokesh Joshi (
Date: Sun Jan 23 2005 - 07:21:57 CST

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    Hi Peter,
     Abt OT Spec, i have implemented the spec and i get same results as
    VOLT. But now (2-3 days before while testing Arabic) i came to know
    that to get fully complied glyphs Uniscribe runs one more phase before
    using OTL services. Here is the est below i got from:

    The unit that the shaping engine receives for the purpose of shaping
    is a string of Unicode characters, in a sequence. The contextual
    analysis engine determines the correct contextual form the character
    should take based on the character before and after it. The contextual
    shape maps to an OTL feature for that form (isol, init, medi, fina).

    Now, if possible can i get the info that where are these rules which
    are used to guess which transformation shld be applied to which glyph.
    I am in sarch of these rules only. Are they specified by Unicode ?

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    > > 1. Where are these rules stored and are these a standard. How can i
    > > know which feature of OTF shld be applied to which glyph.
    > You can find this at
    > That is a standard (de facto, not e.g. an ISO standard).
    > > 2. Are there any open projetcs going on in this direction, which use
    > > these preprocessing rules plus the OTF layout rules ?
    > Yes. A better place to be asking questions about OpenType is on the
    > OpenType list. See
    > Peter Constable

    Contact me @  lokeshjoshi AT gmail/yahoo/hotmail

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