Re: Open Issue #61: Proposed Update UAX #15 Unicode Normalization Forms

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Jan 27 2005 - 04:42:32 CST

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    On 27/01/2005 09:09, Jony Rosenne wrote:

    >I think it should have been clear by now that the Hebrew combining classes
    >do not need to be corrected, are not wrong, are not incorrect, are not
    >mis-assigned etc. and do not cause any known problems.
    Jony, I think what should be clear by now is that you disagree with a
    large number of other experts on this point. I deliberately wrote
    "arguably" because I knew that the point was contentious.

    The current assignments already cause many known problems. Indeed they
    have required Microsoft to make major changes to Uniscribe. And they
    have required the specification of a mechanism using CGJ to which you
    have objected.

    My point was in fact that UTC members have said that they would refuse
    to amend the combining classes even if everyone agreed that there was an

    > ...
    >>If the change in UAX #15 is made perhaps it would be
    >>opportune to fix any
    >>"mis-assigned" combining classes which are known to cause
    >>problems at the
    >>same time.
    >>- chris
    I would agree that a window of opportunity to do this would be highly
    desirable. And the main argument against this, that in theory it could
    cause normalised texts no longer to be normalised, fails if this
    theoretical destabilisation is anyway taking place because of the
    amendment we are discussing in this thread.

    Of course there would then need to be further discussions about what
    changes are actually desirable.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)
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