RE: Surrogate points

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Mon Jan 31 2005 - 13:02:28 CST

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    > From: Hans Aberg []

    > >What's the point of this? The design works, has lots of successful
    > >implementations, ...
    > The design is utterly confusing, and needs to be straightened out.

    That's malarkey. There could hardly be lots of successful
    implementations if it was utterly confusing. Perhaps you are more obtuse
    than the average developer.

    > >...and isn't going to be changed.
    > So sit there in your pile of dirt.

    Call it what you want. It isn't changing.

    > >Hence, complaining
    > >serves no purpose; it's simply whining. Instead of wasting time on
    > >fruitless discussion, we should rather occupy ourselves with
    > >things that are changeable and have a real need to be changed.
    > Things are changeable, if one wants them to be. If you don't want any
    > changes, why bothering replying?

    Because I'm tired of this pointless discussion and am trying to get it
    to end.

    Peter Constable

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