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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 19:46:54 CST

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    John Burger said:

    > I presume you're asking about my head-start comment, rather than the
    > OCR idea. I just meant that the equivalence mappings, etc., provide a
    > clue that some characters are similar in appearance to others.
    > To my surprise the code charts do not seem to indicate that Cyrillic
    > and Latin "a" are related. There is clearly an embarrassing gap in my
    > understanding here - what am I missing?

    The fact that cross-references in the code charts are intended
    to provide help for people in finding the correct character
    in instances where there might be some confusion as to which
    is the correct one, just based on shape alone. (Cross-references
    also serve other functions, as well.)

    In the case of the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts, which
    character to use for "A" in your script of interest is obvious,
    and larding up the names list with cross-references to all
    the similar-looking letters in these cases would just be

    Cross-references in the names lists for the code charts were
    *never* intended to be a mechanism for identifying all
    lookalikes or confusables in the standard.

    People thrashing this topic around may be interested to know
    that the UTC, which met just this week, is considering the
    possibility of defining a "confusables mapping". That *would*
    be something aimed at being a comprehensive mechanism for
    dealing with the issue of confusable glyph shapes between
    scripts (or others, for that matter) that everyone is obsessing
    over regarding this spoofing issue. Or at least, if not
    really dealing with the issue, defining it much more
    precisely than tends to be done by people picking up the
    book and looking up random instances of lookalikes.

    My concern is whether a confusables mapping would be of
    more help to the anti-spoofers seeking ways to check for
    and disallow spoofing and confusion, or for the scammers
    seeking to automate obscure spoofs.


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