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From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 19:06:32 CST

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    Peter Kirk a écrit :

    > On 11/02/2005 23:58, Patrick Andries wrote:
    >> Doug Ewell a écrit :
    >>> My question is, suppose I *want* to visit русский.com? Perhaps my
    >>> browser should alert me, but it must not prevent me from visiting the
    >>> site.
    >> I wonder whether the browser should alert the user if he has
    >> mentioned in his (HTTP) language preferences that, in practice, he
    >> does understand Russian (in this case). Using the Locale is too
    >> restrictive (only one locale at the time). Of course, a new set of
    >> Browser parameters could be supplied "script preferences", but is it
    >> really useful ?
    > But this is in fact not the right question.

    Really ? The person wants to visit русский.com was the question. I say
    don't raise any alert if you know the person can read the
    language/script seems sensible to me and user-friendly.

    > русский.com (the non-spoofed one) may belong to a Russian
    > multinational company with a multilingual website.

    Best to have several domain names in different scripts or languages, how
    would people type the company's domain name ? No, for home pages we
    generally don't rely on hyperlinks (I often get new ones from the radio
    or tv)

    > Or I might be relying on an automatic translation service like Babelfish.

    In the case of Babelfish you type the foreign URL in a form and
    Babelfish returns the translation in a frame, your browser would never
    deal with the multiscript the URL field. Babelfish knows the
    pair of languages, it could then implement some similar logic to the one
    mention in my HTTP language preference scenario.

    > Or the language preferences settings could be misleading, e.g. if I am
    > using someone else's computer

    Tsk tsk.

    > or an Internet cafe. So I could be wanting to visit this site even if
    > I don't speak Russian, or the computer doesn't know that I do. In such
    > circumstances an occasional alert might be acceptable, but not a
    > general block.

    Of course, but 1) it will be occasional given the cases mentioned 2) I
    never advocated a general block (so if you are using someone's else
    machine it will be annoying but not blocking you).

    P. A.

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