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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2005 - 04:29:46 CST

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    On 14/02/2005 07:29, Shawn Steele wrote:

    > ...
    >If we've trained the users that we catch bad URLs and they get a warning or its not registrerable or whatever, then we've told the users that they can trust the names they see. So then the URL spoofing attack is even worse because user's won't be wary of it. Unfortunately it'll be hard to train the non-technical users to be careful, just as it is with e-mail phishing attacks.

    This sounds like the argument that we shouldn't put safety features in
    cars because they encourage bad driving. The counter-argument is of
    course that many people drive badly anyway, without even thinking about
    safety measures. And similarly on the Internet, with the difference that
    most of the bad surfers are ignorant rather than deliberately careless.

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