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From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 03:00:53 CST

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    On Tuesday, February 15th, 2005 00:10Z Kenneth Whistler va escriure:

    >> "Antoine Leca" writes:
    >>> On Saturday, February 12th, 2005 22:14Z Adam Twardoch va escriure:
    >>>> Also, if the user is proposed to look at the URL "IRAQ.COM" and
    >>>> is offered to choose between the Kurdish Q and the English Q,
    >>>> some may choose the first one for obvious reasons.
    >>> I do not understand your point. [...]
    >> It's obvious to you, [...]

    Sorry: who is "you"?

    >> But if you ask random people whether the Q in Iraq should be
    >> Latin or Kurdish, they might reasonably wonder what Latin has
    >> to do with Iraq and pick the Kurdish Q.

    I do not see any relationship between your point and the subject at hand.
    Anti-IDN phishing countermeasures will *never* mean Joe User will have to
    select between two characters based on their names, as we *all* know it
    would be a *Very Bad* Idea, given the profusion of misleading or otherwise
    convoluted (English) names.

    > Why this "IDN problem" thread has morphed into another
    > Kurdish-Q-from-hell thread escapes me, but...

    Well, it was me that introduced the point in the first round. I was thinking
    about semi-existing semi-missing Cyrillic Q, and pointed out problems with
    the signaled anti-phishing measures based on tagging mixed-script languages
    that might lead to strange situations.

    Then it degenerated about opportunity or not to encode Cyrillic Q for

    > Then, if you want to carry on further [...]

    I does not, neither I did.

    However, unsolved (some of them unsolvable) problems in Unicode may and will
    lead to technical problems in other Standards. Restricting discussions about
    them with the argument that the discussion is inappropriate is about as
    efficient as hiding the head in the sand. I agree that these kind of
    discussions are quick to degenerate here (and we saw in the last weeks that
    a mechanism about moderation of degenerating threads is progressively coming
    into action to solve this more general problem). But there are also lurkers,
    which could take profit on this information, since I am not sure all the
    i18n-aware people dealing with IDN have the record of all the dubious
    discussions like the one about Cyrillic Q.


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