Re: IDN Security, recommended character ranges blacklist

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 15:37:53 CST

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    Philippe Verdy a écrit :

    >However I'm not sure that DENIC will comply to ICANN request to
    >describe which languages the included characters are made for, because
    >DENIC has chosen to not segregate languages, only the Latin script (may
    >be other scripts may be added later, but what about IPA letters that
    >are used in Latin-based languages, such as SCHWA, or OPEN-O, possibly
    >with accents too: would DENIC also apply its own rule of accepting
    >whole Unicode blocks, and thus accept Greek letters in IPA?
    >Very probably, DENIC will include basic Greek letters. But then its own
    >policy may shoke on letters like OMICRON against LATIN-O, or less
    >seriously EPSILON against LATIN-OPEN-E...
    I really wonder why you say this ? How can you conclude what DENIC will
    ever include ? Even more since this would mean including confusables as
    you mention...

    How does this pertain to Unicode ?

    Personally, if I welcome the behind-the-scene Unicode implementation of
    IDN, I hope most naming authorities will severely restrict the domains
    to useful subsets of Unicode for their constituency (their writing
    system(s)). This leaves the gTLDs which might allow or have allowed
    large amount of confusables characters (many more than many national
    domains in any case), these may become the favorite victim of phishing
    and become less trusted than national domains.

    P. A.
    (last message for a while -- I heard those thankful sighs! -- absence of
    answer is not rudeness)

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