Unicode in embedded systems

From: Ted Kenney (anderson_street@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 17:21:30 CST

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    I'm a writer/consultant doing research on the topic of
    Unicode in embedded systems software applications, and
    I am interested in communicating with anyone who has
    some experience in this area.

    Among other things, I am interested in learning about

    --The prevalence of Unicode support in embedded
    systems software tools, real-time operating systems
    and the like;
    --Whether there is a trend toward greater Unicode
    support in this area; and

    --Product categories within embedded systems that
    stand out for their lack of Unicode support.

    Ultimately I may develop and publish an article
    relating to this topic, but for now I'm just looking
    for background information.

    Is anyone interested in discussing?


    Ted Kenney

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