Re: Uppercase variant of U+00DF LATIN SMA LL LETTER SHARP S ("German s harp s", "" )

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2005 - 15:54:58 CST

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    At 12:27 PM 2/17/2005, Patrick Andries wrote:
    >I would guess much more time than add the glyph to a font and having the
    >user select a discretionary ligature in a font for this SS (but then again
    >Word and Latin ligature substitutions..).

    You missed my point about this being primarily orthographic. Using SS and a
    ligature is orthographically incorrect. Where people want to retain the
    sharp s, they do it in order to distinguish it from the capital form of an
    underlying ss. Your proposal by focusing entirely on the appearance, would
    negate that aspect.

    You've convinced me that there would be a benefit for Unicode in this
    arena, so as to help people arrive at an unambiguous underlying
    representation. And * that's * the game Unicode is in.


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