Re: IDN problem.... :(

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 06:15:15 CST

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    François Yergeau a écrit :

    > Alexander Savenkov a écrit :
    >> Suppose I *want* to visit XML-документы.com (which is not unlikely).
    >> My browser should *not* alert me. Never.
    >> The only solution to this seems to be for the registrar to check each
    >> new domain name by hand (not necessarily with mixed scripts).
    > I'm afraid that checking every registration by hand would be both too
    > error-prone and too work-intensive. You'll probably have to put up
    > with your browser alerting you. But perhaps good browsers will let
    > you build up a white list, so that you need to suffer the alert only
    > once?
    Maybe simple parsing (separating in parts delimited by "-" and ".")
    would reveal that this is actually not mixed script.

    P. A.

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