Re[2]: IDN problem.... :(

From: Alexander Savenkov (
Date: Fri Feb 18 2005 - 09:14:43 CST

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    on 2005-02-18T09:00:47+03:00 Francois Yergeau <> wrote:

    > Alexander Savenkov a ecrit :
    >> Suppose I *want* to visit (which is not unlikely).
    >> My browser should *not* alert me. Never.
    >> The only solution to this seems to be for the registrar to check each
    >> new domain name by hand (not necessarily with mixed scripts).

    > I'm afraid that checking every registration by hand would be both
    > too error-prone and too work-intensive.

    Sure. Still we need to have a)a list of the characters that are
    subject to potential confusion (computer-aided part of the analysis)
    and b)manual check of the suspicious names that were not caught by
    the computer. Also, the price for the domain names could be increased,
    auctions should be introduced. Squatters and cheaters are not going to
    like that.

    > You'll probably have to put up with your browser alerting you.

    Okay, then you'll probably have to put up with your text processor
    alerting you each time you switch between English and French keyboard
    layout (I'm not sure if a separate French layout exists but you get
    the idea). I'd prefer seeing no alert at all even in case the
    above-mentioned measure are not taken.

    > But perhaps good browsers will
    > let you build up a white list, so that you need to suffer the alert
    > only once?

    Nonviable. Almost no one is going to do that just like almost no one
    builds ups a list of trusted zones in IE etc.


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