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Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 14:50:18 CST

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    Gregg Reynolds a écrit :

    > Which calls to mind the factoid that we old geezers tend to forget:
    > new text communication technologies (esp. the various kinds of instant
    > messaging) beget new orthographies.

    Orthographies which are standard by definition for me ("orthos" right,
    straight, cf. Rechtschreibung) tend to become more and more standardised
    and omnipresent with the widespread use of technologies (cf. spelling
    checkers). Middle French, for instance, had no real orthography, Modern
    French is very standardised and this norm and used more and more.

    Slangs have always existed and people use them because they deviate from
    the orthography (now that most people write), the received
    pronunciation, grammar or glossary. It is mostly an identity tool of a
    subculture, most people speaking argot in French for example can switch
    to standard French if needed.

    P. A.

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