Re: orthographies

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Sat Feb 19 2005 - 19:40:51 CST

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    At 12:50 PM 2/19/2005, Patrick Andries wrote:
    >Slangs have always existed and people use them because they deviate from
    >the orthography (now that most people write), the received pronunciation,
    >grammar or glossary. It is mostly an identity tool of a subculture, most
    >people speaking argot in French for example can switch to standard French
    >if needed.

    The point here is that new technologies are increasing the degree to which
    such forms of writing are interchanged, and the ease with which that is done.

    For the task of allowing people to communicate in the way they choose, it's
    completely uninteresting to know whether they can also communicate in
    another form.

    Luckily, for Unicode, character encoding is deliberately at the script
    level, not the orthography level.


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