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From: Neil Harris (
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 04:14:30 CST

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    >Please note clearly the distinction between my main proposals, which should be
    >implemented officially by Unicode, and this side issue of "Codepoint PUAs".
    >On this side issue, consider the following.
    >We add to Unicode a small block of "Private Differentiation Selector"
    >codepoints, which are to be totally ignored by everything except, optionally,
    >a customized smart font.
    >The users of Klingon now get together, and decide they are going to use
    >"Private Differentiation Selector 5" for Klingon.
    >They simply take the codepoints of the Latin letters which transliterate
    >Klingon, and pair "PDS 5" with each letter's codepoint.
    >Now, users with a smart Klingon font get Klingon glyphs. Users who lack a
    >smart font with Klingon glyphs automatically get the Latin transliteration. We
    >can also do useful things for learners, by dynamically switching the specified
    >font with DHTML in a Klingon learning Web page.
    >And there are absolutely no problems with a Korean character showing up in the
    >middle of their Web page -- as may currently occur with the PUA.
    >So we now see how a small block of codepoints, with almost zero impact on
    >processing, can vastly increase the usefulness of Unicode to real-world people.
    >What we have done is turn Unicode from a "one dimensional array" into a "two
    >dimensional array". The primary (and defaultable) glyphs and meanings get real
    >codepoints along the main axis, and secondary (and allowably ignorable) glyphs
    >and/or meanings get "differentiators" along the secondary axis.
    >That basic principal also applies to my main proposals, which would use other
    >sets of "differentiator" codepoints, assigned officially by Unicode.
    >It's an extremely useful and efficient system for dealing with things --
    >glyphs or meanings -- that have an identity as a "subset" of a real codepoint.
    [* head explodes *]

    -- Neil

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