Re: IDN spoofing

From: Patrick Andries (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 10:12:09 CST

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    Cary Karp a écrit :

    > The gTLD registries have issued a statement about measures they are
    > taking to reduce the risk for deceptive IDN registration. This is
    > available at:
    > ICANN and country-code registries have also issued statements, which
    > may be accessed via ICANN's new IDN information area at:

    I love the use of code-page in «
        Such warnings could identify when there is a mix of "code pages"
    (such as Latin and Cyrillic) and give the user the option to proceed or

    This in the day and age of Unicode ;-)

    Scripts, writing systems (cf. CJK), but code pages (which code page for
    Syriac or Khmer ?).

    I wonder whether this should not say " ICANN and a large number of
    country-code registries" (if CENTR does speak in their name in this
    instance). I did not see ".za" nor ".au" in the list of country-code
    registries associated to CENTR.

    P. A.

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