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From: Tom Emerson (
Date: Thu Feb 24 2005 - 12:25:26 CST

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    Erik van der Poel writes:
    > Can you say "lawsuit"? Seriously, we can't stop the phishers dead in
    > their tracks, but some will be prosecuted, and the browsers can only
    > take steps to mitigate (e.g. by using a larger font for Han, as has
    > already been mentioned in the UTR).

    Of course. My point is only that ideographs are also susceptable to
    the phishers just as ASCII homographs are.

    > Um, the Japanese registry only allows the basic set JIS X 0208:

    OK, but what if they decide to update to JIS X 0213? And what about
    Taiwan? Big Five and CNS-11642 are both big. Hong Kong? HKSCS is big
    with lots of little variants. Or China? GB18030 encompasses all of

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