Re: OT Language System Tags (Was: Re: E0000 Language Tags for Archaic Greek Alphabets)

Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 08:57:20 CST

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    Thank you Peter for all this good continuing information.

    So could you explain exactly what you're proposing for these archaic Greek alphabets.

     - What (if anything) gets added to the MS language tag registry

     - what gets put in the Web page code

     - how does whatever is in the Web page code communicate with the OT font

     - what is the OT font doing (what is locl doing that gsub couldn't and how)

     - and what of this will always work with any app?

    On the general language tag subject, I'm kind of mortified that Unicode is
    shifting so much essential functionality to the concept, when it doesn't seem
    to be a predictable standardized system.

    > AAT and Graphite do not have any mechanism that corresponds to OT's language-system tags. While


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