Re: Ezh or yogh?

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Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 11:27:40 CST

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    At 23:15 +1100 2005-03-01, vlad wrote:
    >In some older texts concerned with historical linguistics (see
    >(second table) for an example), a symbol looking like ezh is used to
    >represent a voiced velar fricative-a not untypical value for yogh.
    >Should this be encoded as LATIN SMALL LETTER EZH, or considered a
    >glyph variant of LATIN SMALL LETTER YOGH?

    The glyph used on that page is probably an EZH. YOGH, properly, is
    used for Middle English for the voiced velar fricative, and in some
    Middle Cornish manuscripts for the voiced dental fricative (3o3o =
    dhodho 'to him'). Yogh derives from the Insular Latin G as used in
    Irish and Old English; it is probable that the real underlying
    character on your page is U+1D79, LATIN SMALL LETTER INSULAR G which
    will be available in Unicode 4.1.

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