Re: OT Language System Tags (Was: Re: E0000 Language Tags for Archaic Greek Alphabets)

Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 20:50:27 CST

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    Peter Constable wrote:

    > > - what gets put in the Web page code
    > I'm not sure since I don't know exactly what the nature of the
    > distinctions you want are.


    > and what rather are one-off glyph variants that are best handled
    > other ways.

    Hi Peter,

    *What* other ways could there be, other than a language tag for each local
    script type -- *and* a language tag for each variation of that local script

    Like Old Cretan Doric is a set of variant glyphs. And then there's also,
    within Old Cretan Doric, a variant upsilon. I can only see this as two
    language tags "language: Old Cretan Doric", and "language: Old Cretan Doric
    Alt". There might be "Alt 1", "Alt 2", "Alt 3", "Alt 4" for another script
    with 5 forms of theta.

    If there *is* some other way of selecting that variant Old Cretan Doric
    upsilon, from a Web page -- while otherwise using the main "Old Cretan Doric"
    language -- then what is it?? Because that could be used to select all the
    variants of standard Greek script in the first place.

    If that technique doesn't exist (as you've previously indicated), than we can
    discuss what is going to be done only with "language" tags. For our
    discussion, let's say an utterly dependable scholarly process has defined 20
    sets of local versions of "Greek Script", including "Alt" versions of those
    local scripts.

    So now...

    Would adding 20 "local Greek Script variants" to the list of Microsoft
    language tags be a reasonable thing to do or not? And the same process, for
    example, for Berber script (mentioned by another list member), etc. (Though
    *definitely* not for cuneiform!).

    And actually -- why are we talking about "language" tags rather than "script"
    tags? (Couldn't an OT font detect either "language" or "script" as the basis
    of performing glyph swapping?)


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