Re: Unicode Stability (Was: Re: E0000 Language Tags for Some Obscure Languages)

From: Doug Ewell (
Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 23:28:03 CST

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    Doug <UList at dfa dash mail dot com> wrote:

    > But when 3.1 came out, I plunked down $2.5 million to start a project
    > that depends on E0000 tags.

    I assume this project makes use of the "special protocols" mentioned in
    the standard. Otherwise that seems like a rash expenditure.

    > And then just some opinion at Unicode changed about how the cups
    > should be arranged on the shelf. And not even an official removal of
    > the codepoints to clarify the situation, just "we really don't like
    > them -- you'll have to guess whether Microsoft ever actually
    > implements them or not".

    No assigned characters are ever removed from Unicode. (I assume you
    meant that rather than "code points.")

    There was a proposal to deprecate the Plane 14 tags; indeed, it was the
    very first Public Review Issue. The UTC decided not to go quite that
    far. Really, no opinions have ever changed that much regarding the
    Plane 14 tags. They were born as the red-headed stepchildren of
    Unicode; they were created only to prevent a particular protocol from
    using a mutant form of UTF-8 for language tagging.

    Whether Microsoft implements something is not up to the UTC or the
    Unicode Consortium.

    > But if I suggest any small *addition* to Unicode, I'm told it's this
    > radically destabilizing concept that could never happen.

    This list does not appreciate being set up or baited. Sorry.

    -Doug Ewell
     Fullerton, California

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