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From: Peter Constable (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 13:28:13 CST

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    > > > >The recently accepted proposals for Hebrew do just that,
    > > they change
    > > the
    > > > >meaning of existing data.

    > My claim is that together with Qamats Qatan there should have been
    > Qamats Gadol. Without it, the same Unicode can mean either "ambiguous"
    > Qamats or Qamats Gadol, and there is no way to know which was
    > For
    > instance, if you have a piece of text without any Qamats Qatan, you
    > tell whether all the Qamats in it just happened to be Qamats Gadol, or
    > author had intended the ambiguous meaning.

    It is just as ambiguous as it has always been. The meaning of the data
    has not changed.

    > Another example is cut and paste from a number of sources, when some
    > the distinction and some do not.

    That's a different issue from "chang[ing] the meaning of existing data".
    I'm not saysing it isn't an issue worth consideration, but it does not
    constitute changing the meaning of existing data.

    Peter Constable

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