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Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 05:21:37 CST

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    At 06:46 +0200 2005-03-02, Jony Rosenne wrote:

    >>"Stability" in a standard does not mean that the standard never
    >>changes. It means that, as much as possible, it does not change in
    >>a way that causes existing implementations or data to break.
    >The recently accepted proposals for Hebrew do just that, they change the
    >meaning of existing data.

    That is true of any disunification. It was true of YOGH and EZH. But
    the disunification happens in order to enable people who need to make
    certain distinctions to make them. In the case of QAMATS QATAN, for
    instance, a wide variety of Hebrew-language publishers inside and
    outside of your country make distinctions which many other people
    inside and outside of your country don't make. We were right to
    facilitate them, and the people who don't make the distinctions can
    carry on as previous.

    But this has been explained to you many times.

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